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Travel Diary: Guangzhou, China– Wednesday, 03/30/2011

Posted on: March 30, 2011

Interesting events of the day:

1. I was amazed and inspired by the beautiful, complete shelves of materials in all areas, especially cultural and language. This was a surprise because the materials were not completed last November when the class began. Every small detail was in place. Wenru surprised even me with her ability. I made the right decision to choose her as our trainer in China, but now I remember that God told me she was His choice as Chinese trainer.

2. I presented in-depth philosophy, especially about parenting, which seemed to touch the students: unconditional love, forgiveness, eating dinner together as a family, words of respect in the family and in the classroom.

3. I outlined the parts of circle planning and gave examples of themes. The students seemed to understand them, including grace and courtesy (pantomiming the tea party), group snack and the words of “thank you,” “you are welcome,” and “yes, please.”

4. The active songs we sang gave the students a chance to move and see another way of relating to children.

5. I saw a joy and confidence in the students’ use of the geopgraphy materials.

6. I was invigorated by presenting the new, lovely history materials to the new students, as if it were a toy given to newborn babes.


1 Response to "Travel Diary: Guangzhou, China– Wednesday, 03/30/2011"

your diary is so refresh to me in their(China students) hot eagerness and passion for learning montessori teaching way and I hope you would give us too circle planning lesson next time. I feel again that child-teaching deserve dedication and sacrifice of teachers. It is that important and rewarding.

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