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I’m Sharlet McClurkin, Director of Montessori Plus Schools (MPS) and Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington (MTP). I can’t believe that I have been working in Montessori education for forty years!

Back in 1969 I was a college instructor in the history of western civilization but that year our 3-year-old son brought me into Montessori education. I took him to a Montessori school in Seattle and began reading Montessori’s books. Suddenly I discovered a remarkable “voice” for children in Maria Montessori’s words and also found my purpose in life. I was “taken” by a great passion for teaching young children and adults, in the Montessori in the “way of life.”

Now we provide onsite and DVD training for adults in the US as well as in Taiwan, South Korea, the Phillippines, China, and Kenya. We currently have nearly 100 adults in onsite training in Kent, WA, from India, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Japan, and Thailand.

I’m creating this blog to share and pass on my knowledge to my readers. It is my privilege to be of help to you in understanding Montessori education. Please check out my blog as much as you can and feel free to leave your comment(s), share your expertise, or ask me any questions that you may have.

If you’re interested in learning about our school, whether as a parent to enroll your child(ren) or as a student to become a Montessori teacher, please visit our website at and/or follow us on Facebook. Thank you for your time and interest in my blog.


Sharlet McClurkin, Director


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The BEST school, training and instructors (Sharlet and Don McClurkin). I received my traing from MTP, graduating in 1985. Taught for Montessori Plus and many other schools over the years. Opening my own school (Joy Of LEARNING-MONTESSORI) IN 1994. I am now retired. I have met many Montessori teachers over the years and none have gotten near the training I received. No albums, no feed back from instructors. I truly enjoyed being in the classroom, could not wait until I got to work every morning. What regular pre school teacher can say that? I would do it all over again. Patricia Shamlin

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